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Parent Resources

School has started and your child may struggle in the classroom while learning. Let's talk about learning disabilities and how they affect individuals.

Learning disabilities are due to genetic and/or neurobiological factors that alter brain functioning in a manner that affects one or more cognitive processes related to learning. Learning disabilities can cause an individual to struggle with writing and/or math in particular. 

Learning disabilities cannot be cured, but with the proper intervention and assistance, those with learning disabilities can be extremely successful. 

Types of learning disabilities include: 

  • Dyscalculia: 
    • A learning disability that affects one’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. 
  • Dysgraphia: 
    • A learning disability that affects one’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills. 
  • Dyslexia: 
    • A learning disability that affects reading and related language-based processing skills. 
  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities: 
    • When one has trouble interpreting nonverbal cues like facial expressions or body language and may have poor coordination. 
  • Oral/Written Language Disorder and Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit: 
    • Learning disabilities affect an individual’s understanding of what they read or of spoken language. The ability to express oneself with oral language may also be impacted. 

Common signs of learning disabilities: 

  • Problems reading and/or writing 
  • Problems with math 
  • Poor memory 
  • Problems paying attention 
  • Trouble following directions
  • Clumsiness
  • Trouble telling time
  • Problems staying organized

At Rise, we specialize in testing for learning disabilities, including those listed above. Learn more about how we can help your child on our Learning Disability Testing page.

Each learning disability has its own signs. If you or your child are experiencing these signs, we would love to start the conversation with you. Contact us today at 501-891-5492 to Get Started.

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